American Revolutionary War Memorial
(In Veterans Memorial Park)

Wichita, Kansas

Future Home - American Revolutionary War Memorial

This is an artist rendition of the memorial.

Our Mission Statement: To organize, plan, design and construct a memorial in Veterans Memorial Park, Wichita Kansas, to honor those men and women of the thirteen colonies who struggled to gain their independence and create and establish the United States of America in the American Revolution, 1775 - 1787.


There are over 40 Veterans Memorials in the City of Wichita and 13 of which are in Veterans Memorial Park.  It has long been recognized that this array of Memorials is incomplete without a Memorial honoring the original Veteran the hero's of the American Revolution!


In the year 2010 the Sons of the American Revolution proposed joining forces with several chapters of Daughters of the American Revolution in a common effort to make this thought a reality.



History -

We are an established 501C3 Not for Profit Corporation called American Revolutionary War Memorial Incorporated.

Working committees have been organized to execute the plan.



Who we are:


The board of Directors:

Larry Skelton - President

Scott Auchterlonie - Treasurer

Angie Garrett

Becky Hunter

Dora Bayer

Francine Sharp

Mary Denney

Robert Bayer

Skip Ward